New Players

If you are interested in joining Ultimate Frisbee in Amsterdam, we have several options:

Free Beginners Course

Twice a year we organize a 2-day Beginners Course. We typically host the course once at the start of the spring season and once at the start of the fall season. During these two days, you will learn the basic throws and the rules of the game all while playing a friendly match.  Don't forget the most important part - making new friends and getting some fresh air.

We have just finished our fall beginners course and will be announcing the next session for the Spring very soon! Everyone and anyone is welcome to join the free course and try the best sport around with other beginners! The course takes place from 19:00 - 20:30 at Sportpark Drieburg. Be sure to check out our event on Facebook or send us an email.



City League

Once the beginners course is over, we jump right into our 4-week-long friendly mixed ultimate frisbee competition: Amsterdam Cityleague. This is a small competition where teams will play once a week together for 4 weeks. Amsterdam Cityleague is aimed at attracting beginners to the sport but some experiened players will often join teams to help with team structuce, teaching skills, and maintaining the fun! 

Teams will play 2 games on Tuesdays from 19:00 - 20:30 at Sportpark Drieburg

If you join Amsterdam Cityleague, you will get the opportunity to learn from experienced players during friendly matches with a lot of time to get to know the rules and the best way to play. More information regarding cost, dates, and teams can be found here.

Experienced Players

If you are an experienced Ultimate player and looking to join one of our teams in Amsterdam, please send us an email or message on Facebook. We have a variety of teams within Crunch with a range of skill level and competitiveness in all divisions: Men's, Women's, and Mixed. Please take a look at our current competitive core teams here. These teams typically have a selection process for competition, but anyone is welcome to join a few practices.

In the meantime, we often have weekly pick-up games where members of the entire club are invited - check out our Facebook for more up-to-date information on that since it varies based on the season and field space. See you on the field!