Crunch Teams

Crunch is the Netherlands largest Ultimate Frisbee club with more than 160 members. Within the club, we have several self-regulated core teams that consist of like-minded people and function on their own. The members of these teams decide who joins, where they compete, how competitive they want to be, and what their goals for each season are.

For those members who have not joined a core team, we also put together Crunch competition teams each season to ensure that everyone who wants to play gets a chance. Crunch's competition teams are formed according to skill level and personal preferences. Teams that consist of mostly beginners can always count on some veteran players to join in order to help structure the team and teach important skills.

We send out announcements via email and Facebook each season about signing up for Crunch competition teams, so be sure to keep an eye out for this information. Below you will find more information on our teams.


Crunch Competition Teams


Hello Sunshine Crunch's competition teams are formed seasonly according to skill level and personal play preference. Teams with many beginners can always count on some veteran players to join in order to help structure the team and teach new skills. Announcements about teams are sent out via email and Facebook each season.


Crunch Core Teams

Our core teams may have different names & wear different colors, but we are all still one big Crunch family!


The Cambo Cakes 

Cakes Dutch Champs The Cambo Cakes is Crunch's high-level competitive Men's team. 

"The Cakes" currently hold the 2016 Dutch national championship title as well as many other sucesses. They play elite international open tournaments and aim to represent Amsterdam Ultimate at the highest level possible.

"Train hard, play hard, party hard."

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Dam Girls

Dam Girls is Crunch's elite competitive women's team.

Founded in 2017, Dam Girls aims to compete at the highest level possible and bring high-level women's ultimate to the Amsterdam community. These ladies are ambitious, dedicated, and ready to bring Amsterdam women's ultimate to the international stage. 

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The Fresh Urbs

Rocking it since 2015, The Fresh Urbs is a high-level mixed team whose main goal, outside of playing some amazing ultimate, is to make friends, party hard, and "embrace the weird".

The Fresh Urbs currently hold the 3rd place title in the 2016 Dutch national mixed championship and were the winners of Frozen Cherries 2016. This team of weirdos aims to become the best mixed team in the Netherlands while winning every party along the way. 

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The Rusty Bikes

"I want to ride my bicyle... I want to ride my bike."

The Rusty Bikes is more than just a mixed team of Frisbee players, it is a unique collection of friends who like to play the game of ultimate together while partying on the beach and enjoying life. 

The Bikes participate in the Dutch Championships each season but really enjoy going to international beach tournaments.

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